V8 Skateboard

Aussies build Tony Hawk 630hp V8 Supercar skateboard – will he survive? (+video)

December 1st, 2010 by NZV8

Skateboarding legend and all-round good guy Tony Hawk has been kind enough to come downunder for the Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race in Sydney this weekend. How do our brothers across the ditch repay him? They’re trying to kill him by building Hawk a death-trap V8 skateboard to ride.

Hawk is at the race to showcase his skills on a Monster Vert Ramp sideshow, at what point he is expected to ride the 630hp V8 Supercar-engined skateboard is unknown. But unlike the pro drivers who have a roll cage, steering wheel and all manner of modern safety features, Hawk simply gets a throttle and a big red panic button.

Tony Hawk would be a madman to even consider taking the world’s first V8 skateboard down the vert ramp but will most likely steer it on the flat in front of the crowd. Will he survive? Possibly, but it’s a sure bet that he will ride the thing a bit quicker than the tepid test pilot in the video clip below. Check it out. (more…)