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Drift Legends v2 — NZ’s drifting game unleashed on iTunes

February 10th, 2011 by NZV8

Drift Legends version 2 has arrived on iTunes and the drifting game is ready to be uploaded as an application to your iPhone/iPod touch.

Now that Drift Legends has come to iPhone, Kiwi drifting fans and those who love good gaming can get there fix of tyre-squealing, sideways action anywhere and anytime.

Players begin as a rookie drifter right here in NZ and battle their way through 25 awesome tracks firstly in NZ, then Australia and on to the UK, USA and ultimately Japan. There are four cars available, each with various upgrades to get them going hard. Also, if you successfully finish certain sections you’ll unlock special content like screen wallpapers of iconic drift cars that you can use on your iPhone. Pretty sweet deal.

Drift Legends also has a drift practice level so you can get your skids just right before hitting the track and if you have a perfect run there is a replay feature so you can show your mates. Background music is a treat too with 15 original songs by Kiwi artists rocking out behind the screaming sounds of your skids.

Drift Legends v2 is NZ’s first drifting game for the iPhone, it’s about the local scene and and brings the world of drift into your hands. So why are you still reading? Click on the link below to find out more about Drift Legends at the iTunes store and start playing today.

Click here to see Drift Legends v2 on iTunes. (more…)