Ford Mustang Fastback – Full Metal Jacket – 59

April 7th, 2011 by NZV8

Using a brand new body shell, years of experience and thousands of hours of custom work, Burke’s Metalworks have produced a Mustang like no other.

Jason Burke and Steve McLachlan at Burke’s Metalworks in Christchurch must have loved the day in September 2008 when a guy called Richard walked into their offices and said, “Make me the best Fastback you can.” That is an opportunity which doesn’t come along every day, and they took the ball and not only ran with it, but damn well sprinted out of the park.

The brief was pretty simple. Richard wanted to build a ’68 Fastback and wanted it to be pretty radical. He also wanted all the best parts money could buy.

The guys at Burke’s started searching for a second-hand car for the build, but the trouble was finding something half decent that hadn’t already been snapped up. The minimum they could find a rough Fastback for was US$15,000 (NZ$21,400), and that was before spending a similar amount on rust repairs.

An American company, Dynacorn Classic Bodies, had started making brand new 1968 Mustang Fastback steel body shells. The Burke’s guys looked into it and thought bringing one in would be a great idea. Nobody else in the Southern Hemisphere had used one, and after all that’s what innovation is all about.

Adding width

The body was ordered and Burke’s gave Richard a list of parts to choose from, with three or four options for each part. Keeping with the spirit of the build, Richard went straight for all the best bits. (more…)

n2a Motors 789 chassis #001 for sale

May 14th, 2009 by NZV8

n2a 789 fq

American retro carmakers n2a Motors has tried its hand at a variety of old school inspired designs but its 789 model remains the ultimate automotive expression of retro styling.

Based on a C6 Corvette chassis and using hand-crafted carbon composite body panels, the 789 exhibits exterior styling cues from 1957, ’58, and ’59 Chevrolets. Only 20 of these unique cars have been built over the past few years, and the very first to be made has just been put up auction on American auction website eBay. Featuring an LS2 V8, custom Budnik wheels, and a Borla exhaust system, chassis #001 is totally mint and was used as the promotional car at the Los Angeles and New York auto shows and surprisingly still carries the remainder of GM’s five-year/100,000 warranty. What’s more the winning bidder can take delivery of the car immediately and doesn’t have endure the typical 12-week wait for a brand new 789.

To find out more, click here to visit the n2a website.