Avondale Go Kart track

Hot Rod Blowout goes off – 207 photos

April 9th, 2010 by NZV8

The annual Hot Rod Blowout is in NZV8’s opinion one of the coolest events on the calendar. Held on Easter Sunday in a mix of drizzle and sunshine at Avondale Go Kart track, the event sees an eclectic mix of traditional hotrods, ratrods and more modern machinery on display. With the idea to keep things old school, the nostalgia cars take pride of place along with some very famous old drag cars, and some built to look like they’re old.

We were there to bring back hundreds of images from the Blowout click on the link below to view the images and see what its all about, and check out NZV8 issue 61 for the full story.