the family car – inlet tubing all tacked together

March 9th, 2009 by theseekerfinds

spent the last couple of days tacking the ally inlet tubing together, it’s a prototype but looks the goods so far.. the front tube is gonna require a slight relief be cut out of the bonnet to allow the bonnet to close fully due to the engine cover’s proximity to the closed bonnet, she’s a close fit.. the rear tube has plenty of clearance though.. the pods come up staggered but til the bonnet is relieved I won’t know where they come up, but I won’t cut it in case the welding changes the positioning of the pod filters.. the front pipe is pretty close to what I think the finished one will look like but the rear pipe may, no it will, need some final alignment and the merge cut-out done but that area is where I’ll put a joiner to add some adjustability to the final position.. it’s looking like the pods will sit proud of the hood and fit right up into the scoop once it’s all fitted.. I’ll fit a couple of spars/braces to support the weight of the pod filters and the assembly and mount them using the engine cover bolts on the passenger side of the engine.. will put up a couple of photos tomorrow before I drop the ally tubing off to Mat for full welding..

front inlet pipe tacked up

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